Hi all! My name is Ffibi Barnitt, I’m 21 years old and have recently graduated from Cardiff University with a 2:1 in History.

This blog has arisen in an effort to keep my researching and writing skills up to scratch, as well as to nurture a new found passion for eco-friendly fashion.

[Currently, I am neither sustainably minded nor ‘trendy’.]


I would describe my style as basic and comfortable, especially since as a self employed tennis coach I spend most of my time in trackies and sportswear. My sustainable habits I would probably consider below par. I recycle like most people but that’s as far as it goes at the moment, and I want and need to change.

This blog has been divided into two halves: with a section of short analyses of popular brands and their levels of sustainability, and another focused on my personal journey to re-using, recycling, reducing and re-fashioning my wardrobe.

Follow me as I analyse high street shops’ environmental consciousness, whilst I address my own bad shopping habits, and try to change them for the better.