Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Trendiness

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Starting this blog has been a huge step for me in making something productive with my free time (in between self employment as a tennis coach, and looking for entry level marketing jobs). Since the beginning of lockdown, I have begun to think more and more about my impact on the environment, and as a result how I can change my bad habits to planet-beneficial ones. Now, I have to admit, although I take a deep interest in fashion, I am, what I would call, a lazy basic b*tch when it comes to my own style. Sportswear or jeans and a hoodie are my ultimate staples (that is me trying to style a dirty hoodie in the photo below). Although I won’t be completely abandoning the comfort, I am aiming try new colours and styles. Therefore this blog has given me the opportunity to combine sustainable living and fashion.

So… where to begin?

Laying down some ground rules…

Restricting spending habits

Admittedly, I love buying new clothes, and unfortunately Lockdown-Britain seems to have unleashed an even bigger craving for spending money. Therefore I will be restricting what I am allowed to buy to only items that have been made with a reduced impact on the environment.

This means I will be shopping in ranges and brands that are environment-aware. For example, my first blog post about Topshop has shown that I am limited to only buying from their vegan footwear and CONSIDERED range.

Charity Shops will be my new best friend. Their ‘hit-or-miss’ nature will make it a challenge, but one I am ready to take. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on my favourite charity shop finds!

Reuse, recycle, RE-FASHION

In order to reduce clothing waste in my household (mum, if you’re reading this, you’re included), I will be attempting to re-style classically summer items for the winter. This will increase the occasions that I can wear said items, and therefore maximise the cost per wear (how much it costs vs how many times I’ve worn it).

Despite my lack of a sewing machine, I will be nervously attempting some clothing redesign, which will hopefully refresh some of my older items.

Investment buying

Investment buying involves a measured consideration of quality, style and whether I already have the item in my wardrobe. The item should be able to last and a style that I'll want to continue to wear for the next 5 years. By preventing impulse buys, I am hoping investment buying, whilst potentially a more expensive venture, will reduce wasted clothes.

This lifestyle side of the website is very much a chance for me to document my efforts into becoming more Sustainably Trendy. I can’t wait to get started.


Not interested in me? That’s okay! Visit the Brand Review side of the website for more informational research and analysis into individual brands.

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